1996 - Present
Edmonton, AB
Freelance Web Design and Development

  • Provide design and development for client websites
  • Programming with HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL and Javascript
  • Marketing and advertisement in both print and online
  • SEO services and optimization
  • Promotional animations and products
  • Work with both Content Management Systems and Software Development Kits

2002 - Present
Saskatoon, SK
MV Marketing Ltd.

  • Designed and implemented a web based invoicing system and database
  • Design, code and maintain a sales website and promotional materials
  • Ordering components and building computer and network systems for business applications

2005 - 2008
Saskatoon, SK
University of Saskatchewan Pulse Field Lab

  • Designed, coded and maintained a website for the Pulse Research Group
  • Specified, ordered, built and repaired office computers and network equipment for a field lab
  • Set-up an autonomous remote field web camera to monitor crop growth
  • Operated optical seed sorting equipment and worked with manufacturer to establish a training manual for the equipment

Saskatoon, SK
University of Saskatchewan Plant Sciences

  • Set up new trials and maintain existing plant trials for genetic research on disease resistant canola
  • Worked individually and as part of a research team to evaluate the fitness of multiple canola strains




T. Mizuno
Edmonton, Alberta


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